According to Fedora’s usual tone, delayed release is not news to it, and it is unheard of to be able to “release on time”. After all, Fedora’s goal is to provide a cutting-edge and reliable Linux distribution that is often delayed by blocking bugs, so it’s not uncommon for a release to be delayed a week or two from plan.

Of course, Fedora has also been delivering more timely releases than in the past, and with Fedora Linux 37 Beta, they seem to have deliveredPost on time“feat”.

At this week’s Go/No-Go conference for Fedora 37 Beta, the team announced that Fedora Linux 37 Beta is “GO” status in terms of on-time releases, which means on-time releases.

Fedora 37 system-wide changes include: deprecation of OpenSSL 1.1 package, removal of i686 OpenJDK, upgrade to Glibc 2.36 and Binutils 2.38 to update GNU toolchain support, Golang 1.19, deprecation of ARMv7 support, and addition of ELN-Extras as part of EPEL New build target for N+1 jobs.

Some of the independent changes include many package updates, such as the LLVM 15 compiler and LXQt 1.1, a public preview of the Anaconda Web UI for the new installer, official support for the Raspberry Pi 4, and the provision of a reference KVM VM disk image.

Fedora 37 Beta will be officially released next Tuesday (September 13). Or if you’re in a rush to try it this weekend, there are already ISO images announced to be ready:

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