Java open source development platform O2OA V7.2.0 has been released, with new system configuration graphical module and enterprise file module! – News Fast Delivery

O2OA V7.2.0 is released, adding the【System Configuration Graphical Module】and enterprise network disk【Enterprise file module】.

In O2OA V7.2.0, added【System Configuration Graphical Module】Click interface configuration in the system configuration, you can make personalized changes to the system interface, such as selecting the state when entering the system, and replacing the system skin.

In the system configuration of the new version of O2OA V7.2.0, a new server configuration is added, and the server information can be seen more intuitively.

In O2OA V7.2.0 system configuration, click Resource Deployment to deploy your custom developed O2OA components (components obtained from the official can also be deployed directly).

In the O2OA V7.2.0 system configuration, click System Information to see the running status of each module and the cluster status more intuitively.

In resource deployment, front-end can be used to deploy web resources and custom programs.

Select database configuration, you can see that this version now supports database configuration directly on the front end, which is more convenient to operate.

In message configuration, the new version supports front-end configuration of message types, message templates, and filtering and sending of messages through scripts.

In O2OA V7.2.0, based on the original enterprise network disk function, the new enterprise network disk【Enterprise file module】.

Corporate documents are divided intomy collection(Associating a shared area, there can be multiple shared workspace collections) andShared workspace(The shared workspace is similar to a group folder, which can be used as a company’s file management, or as a work group’s file management) There are two subdivisions as followsfunction points:

① By default, anyone can create a shared workspace under enterprise files;

②Managers (creators are managers) can set the management authority (individual, organization or group), edit authority (individual, organization or group), and view authority (individual, organization or group) of the shared area;

③ By default, subdirectories and files inherit the permissions of the parent directory, but you can change the permissions of any subdirectory. Once the subdirectory permissions are changed, they will not inherit the permissions of the parent directory;

④The administrator of the shared area workspace can add, delete, modify and check all files or directories in the shared area;

⑤Users with editing rights can create directories or upload files, but can only delete files uploaded by themselves;

⑥Users with query permissions can transfer to personal folders, preview files online or download files;

⑦ Search shared workspace files;

⑧Users can bookmark the shared workspace to My Favorites.

O2OA V7.2.0 also includes other functional updates and bug fixes to make the platform more stable and user-friendly:

new features

[平台安全]Added support for national encryption

[平台架构]Application, center, web three servers can be combined to run

[平台配置]Added system configuration graphic module

[数据库]Added support for sub-database data storage

[流程引擎]Added sign function

[流程引擎]Added base64-encoded attachment upload interface

[流程平台]Process instance maintenance

[企业网盘]Added enterprise file module, file support is based on onlyoffice preview

[企业社区]Added the functions of anonymous posting, setting post editor, and banning

[流程管理]The process startup interface has added the function of column-based content management classification for enabling processes

[流程管理]The data publishing type node function is added to the flowchart, which can publish data to content management and data tables

[流程表单]Added the display function after the form component section is merged

[流程表单]Added the function of viewing the edited content of others when the data table component and data template component enable sections

[前端通用]Added green skins and templates for process forms and content management forms; added green skins for views and query views

[内容管理]Added an interface for document publishing to associate html to webServer

Function optimization

[平台架构]Added the function of executing thread dump regularly

[系统配置]Configuration file simplification

[平台配置]Platform configuration adjustment

[数据库]Default index adjustment

[组织管理]Interface adaptation platform main color switching function

[考勤管理]Interface adaptation platform main color switching function

[会议管理]Interface adaptation platform main color switching function

[日程安排]Interface adaptation platform main color switching function

[流程管理]Optimized the flow chart list interface and added classification display

[流程表单]Optimized the process record component and added the organization hierarchy name classification

[流程表单]Optimized the single-selection and multi-selection components, and increased the configuration of the number of displays per line

[流程表单] Optimized the form and added a configuration that controls read-only for all components

[流程表单]Optimized the submission interface and added the function of clicking on the route to fill in the default comments

[内容管理]Content management documents published on the process, allowing the use of the process form to open

[内容管理]The column list page is adapted to the platform main color switching function

[内容管理]Added alternate fields for string and datetime, and paging queries can be queried based on datetime fields

[内容管理]Optimized the content management role and added CMSCreator role support, which allows to create columns and manage the columns created by themselves

[内容管理]Optimized the authority of the column administrator, the column administrator can manage all the designs of the current column

[内容管理]Modify document data data and map it to alternate fields

[内容管理]Optimized the document paging function, the list returns to increase whether the information has been read

[门户页面]Optimized the tree component, adding json attribute to each node, you can get the original data

[数据中心]Optimized the view export function, exporting excel does not limit the number of exported rows, and merges more multi-value fields

[移动办公]Android app upgrades to 64-bit, removes old 32-bit programs, and adapts to Android 12

[移动办公]The mobile app has upgraded the enterprise network disk

[移动办公]The work messages pushed by enterprise WeChat and Dingding are upgraded to card messages

[移动办公]ios-side app work attachment upload supports files and pictures

bug fix

[平台安全]Security bug fixes

[流程引擎]Fixed the problem of wrong judgment of adding to-do permissions

[脚本执行]Fixed an issue where javaScirpt native arrays were not translated correctly

[平台附件]Fixed the problem of displaying garbled characters when opening TXT and HTML files online

[平台附件]Fixed the problem that the attachment sftp protocol upload does not support the specified root directory

[个人设置]Fixed the problem that the initial prompt for password modification was incorrect

[人员组织]Fixed oauth not being able to execute scripts

[人员组织]Fixed an issue where group identity members were missing from people organization import and export

[流程表单]Fixed the issue that the side action bar setting style was invalid

[内容管理]Fixed an issue where content management document classification administrator permissions did not take effect

[内容管理]Fixed an issue where mapping of content management date type fields to document alternate fields did not take effect

[数据中心]Fixed the problem that the filter of the completed work order with the same name in the view does not take effect under different applications

[数据中心]Fixed the problem that the data center import template imported data to the self-built table abnormally

[数据中心]Fixed the problem of classification error when data center view column value is array

[服务管理]Fixed the problem that the interface of debugging and setting authentication reported an error

[日程安排] Fixed the issue that the agenda interface did not load when there was no personal calendar

[移动办公]Fixed the issue that ios push messages were not upgraded

[移动办公]Fixed the issue that the api for closing the mobile form was invalid

[移动办公]Fixed the problem that the application for punch-in permission on the Android side kept popping up

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