Users familiar with Linux and macOS should know Homebrew, an open-source package management system that simplifies software installation on Linux and macOS. The same Windows platform also has a corresponding package manager, that is Chocolatey. In March of this year, Chocolatey also celebrated its 11th birthday.

Recently, Chocolatey officially released news that the number of downloads and installations of its hosted warehouse software package has exceeded 2 billion times.

Just over two years ago, we announced that the Chocolatey Community Repository had reached 1 billion downloads and installs, and it took us nine years to reach that number. Now we’re at 2 billion in less than a quarter of what we were before.

Chocolatey Community Repository reached 1 billion package downloads and installs on May 17, 2020. At that time the Chocolatey Community Repository had only 92,000 packages. Today that number has grown to 165,000 packages. So it can be said that Chocolatey hosts the largest community repository of Windows packages.

Past downloads and installs

According to the data previously released by the official, since the birth of Chocolatey, the download and installation volume of the Chocolatey community warehouse has been rising steadily. During 2015-2016, the graph shows that Chocolatey’s downloads and installs increased by nearly 50 million, which is also the first year that Chocolatey has seen such a large increase in downloads and installs (the previous increase was significant, but from a low base) ; In the following two years, Chocolatey’s downloads and installations have each increased by about 60 million; in 2018-2019, this number even increased by 3 times, with more than 180 million downloads and installations in one year. quantity.

In September 2019, in order to better manage the load and help keep the community repositories growing, Chocolatey implemented rate limiting on the repositories, which, coupled with Chocolatey’s 400 million downloads, has also helped businesses and organizations grow A self-hosted option is available, and Chocolatey’s downloads have only grown slightly from before. Chocolatey surpassed 1 billion downloads and installs in May 2020.

Chocolatey said in a blog post that reaching the milestone of 2 billion today is inseparable from the joint efforts of community volunteers, individual package maintainers and Chocolatey community package maintainers.

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