GoEdge It is a tool that can help you quickly build a CDN & WAF platform, supports HTTP, HTTPS, Websocket, TCP, TLS, UDP, PROXY Protocol, IPv6, WAF and other features, and supports multiple third-party DNS services

GoEdge v0.5.2 mainly updates the IP library, adds JS cookie verification, and simplifies the setting of cache conditions.


  • Built-in new version of IP library, updated the latest free IP data
  • Add Javascript Cookie Verification to WAF Actions
  • When the WAF cc2 threshold is set too low, the user will be prompted “The current threshold is set too low, which may affect the normal access of users”
  • DDoS protection adds a single IP TCP new connection rate blacklist and a second-level connection rate limit
  • Can modify the CNAME of a serviceas long as it doesn’t conflict with the CNAME of other services
  • Simplified cache condition settingsnow you don’t need layers of pop-ups to set cache conditions
  • New algorithm for bandwidth usage in service list
  • When operating the operation log and IP list, update the Badge numbers on the left menu in time
  • When connecting to the API, automatically convert the local API node address to the loopback address to the scenario where EdgeAdmin and EdgeAPI are installed on the same server
  • Automatically collapses multiple options in the access log in service settings to reduce configuration complexity
  • Automatically mark sub-tables with data with dot notation when browsing the access log, so that administrators can know which sub-tables have relevant data
  • The node running log can be set to read according to the node as a whole
  • Added setting warning to cache handles in cache policy
  • When creating a user, you can set to enable the default function or all functions
  • Change “Access Control” to “Access Authentication”
  • When creating a new WAF policy, SQL comments are not enabled by default to reduce error detection


  • Improve data writing speed in access logs, indicator statistics, etc.


  • Significantly improve cache index management performance
  • When an IP is added to the blacklist, the connection related to this IP will be automatically closed
  • Use the new version of the IP library to greatly improve the query performance of the IP library
  • After the WAF “label” action is matched, you can continue to try to match the rule sets in other groups; in the past, after the “label” action was matched, it would not continue to match.
  • WAF optimizes the Captcha failure counter; in the past, it used to accumulate multiple URLs, but now it is changed to a single URL accumulation to prevent the accidental exceeding of the maximum number of failures caused by triggering Captcha with additional resources such as js and css of a single URL.
  • Fixed an issue where HTTPS connections could not record bandwidthoptimize the bandwidth calculation method
  • Increase the edge-node bandwidth command to view the real-time bandwidth of the service
  • Fixed HTTPS service not setting Linger correctly, WAF and other requests will be faster when closing the connection
  • If the system has ntpdate installed, it will automatically try to synchronize the time with ntpdate
  • Optimize IP list lock to avoid IP list query blocking


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