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JEEWX-API is a JAVA version of the WeChat development SDK, which supports WeChat official account, applet, WeChat enterprise account, Alipay life account SDK and Weibo SDK. Based on her, you can quickly and foolishly develop WeChat, payment windows and Weibo. Based on jeewx-api development, you can immediately have an easy-to-use API, making development easier and saving more time.

current version: v1.4.9 | 2022-09-02

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upgrade log

Third-party APP development SDK, support WeChat, DingTalk, enterprise WeChat, small programs, etc.

  • [DingTalk]Added OAuth2 login API
  • [Enterprise WeChat]Added OAuth2 login API
  • [DingTalk]Added ActionCard message
  • 【Enterprise WeChat】Add TextCard message
  • [Enterprise WeChat]Add a new mobile phone number to get the userid interface
  • [Dingding]Fix the problem that JSON conversion of java generic classes is incorrect
  • Added DingTalk API – DepartmentAPI (Department)
  • Added DingTalk API – MessageAPI (message)
  • Added DingTalk API – UserAPI (user)
  • Added DingTalk API – BaseAP
  • Dingding and Enterprise WeChat support sending Markdown messages
  • DingTalk has added an interface to get all departments, including the information of return failure
  • DingTalk and Enterprise WeChat support the code obtained from web page authorization to log in to obtain user details
  • Support for sending text card messages
  • fastjson mining vulnerability problem
  • Upgrade the underlying dependencies to synchronize with jeecgboot
  • Change the interface address of mass uploading media resources to the latest https one
  • sun.misc.BASE64Decoder obsolete method retrofit
  • Delete Baidu Cloud API code

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