After Musk made a sharp comment on the abuse of RPC by the Twitter App yesterday, he was directly rejected by Twitter’s technical director – bluntly saying that Musk doesn’t understand technology, but just likes to make some rude comments.


In addition to the technical director, Eric Frohnhoefer, an engineer responsible for the development of the Twitter Android client, also did not give the boss any face.expressI have been involved in Twitter’s Android development for more than 6 years, and Musk pointed out that the reason why the Twitter App is running slowly is completely wrong.

A developer who claimed to have more than 20 years of work experience suggested in the comments that Eric should communicate with Musk in private instead of directly pointing out the boss’s mistakes in public. Eric thought it was the boss who first mentioned this in public… Then Musk said something directly”He’s fired“.

Eric todayannouncedA photo of his own development machine being locked, confirming that he has been fired.

Just now, the Twitter executive who hit back at Musk yesterday alsotweetedI have also been fired because of the tweet I posted yesterday.

In fact, in addition to publicly pointing out Musk’s mistakes, Eric also seriously explained why the Twitter Android client is running slowly, and said that the team has done a lot of work to improve performance – and at the same time to meet the growing advertising and user visits Manage needs. But the so-called “request volume” that Musk pointed out is not the main problem. There are three main reasons why the application is running slowly. First, the Twitter App had many rarely used features; second, they had built up technical debt over the years, sacrificing performance and speed for adding features; and third, the Twitter App was spending a lot of time waiting for the network to respond.

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