WGCLOUD It is a distributed operation and maintenance monitoring platform with a high degree of integration. It has the characteristics of cluster monitoring, easy deployment, easy to use, light weight, high efficiency, and automation. The server side is based on Springboot development, the agent side is written in go. Core modules include:Host system information monitoring, CPU monitoring, CPU temperature monitoring, memory monitoring, network traffic monitoring, disk IO monitoring, disk space monitoring, system load monitoring, hard disk smart health detection, application process monitoring, port monitoring, docker monitoring, log file monitoring, File anti-tampering protection, data visualization monitoring, automatic generation of topology maps, large-screen visualization, data communication equipment monitoring, service interface monitoring, web ssh bastion machine, command delivery, alarm information (email, DingTalk, WeChat, etc.) push.

1. Newly added, the host list page supports custom display columns, because there are many columns, the function of hiding some columns can be customized and selected

2. Newly added, email sending supports TLS1.2, mainly to make up for the problem of Outlook email sending, add the parameter javaXmail in server/config/application.yml to use this method

  warnToUnicode: no
  javaXmail: yes

3. Newly added, Docker monitoring, increase collection container state indicators

4. Newly added, SNMP monitoring, adding a way to obtain cpu usage and memory usage based on cpu usage OID and memory usage OID (mainly compatible with H3), the original cpu usage and memory usage are obtained by calculation way is still supported

5. Added an alarm when the uplink and downlink transmission rates are lower than a certain value, and the parameters can be modified in server/config/application.yml upSpeedMinVal and downSpeedMinVal

6. Newly added, data monitoring supports monitoring Redis and MongoDB

7. Bug fix, the host list is sorted inaccurately by memory and uplink and downlink transmission rates

8. Bug repair, process, port, log, docker, custom monitoring, tamper-proof and other host resources, when the host has notes, the list does not display the problem of member accounts

9. Bug fix, docker monitors the bug of CONTAINER NAME, when there are two containers with similar CONTAINER NAME, such as redis and redisA, then setting docker monitor CONTAINER NAME to redisA may monitor redis

10. Vulnerability fix, CVE-2022-42889, vulnerability description: In Apache Commons Text version 1.5 to 1.9, due to unsafe interpolation default value, when the input parameter is not trusted, it may lead to remote code execution

11. Vulnerability repair, CVE-2022-42003, vulnerability description: FasterXML jackson-databind less than 2.14.0-rc1 denial of service vulnerability

12. Optimization, the list page can set the grouping to be empty, that is, cancel the grouping

13. Optimize performance, the data reported by the agent will be compressed before transmission, saving 30% of traffic bandwidth, lighter and faster

14. Some known bug fixes, UI optimization, code structure optimization

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