Infinigen is an infinite high-quality 3D data generator for procedurally generated infinitely realistic worlds. These data are 100% generated procedurally, do not require external assets, do not rely on AI, and are free and open source. The quality of the generation is very high. It is said that it can be faked, and even the wrinkles on the petals can be customized.

Infinigen was developed by the Princeton Vision and Learning Lab:

  • Written based on Blender
  • Every little detail is randomized and customizable, even the wrinkles on the petals
  • Diverse objects and scenes in nature: plants, animals, terrain; fire, clouds, rain and snow
  • Groundtruth automatic annotation: optical flow, 3D scene flow, depth, surface normal, panoramic segmentation, occlusion boundary

Its key features and capabilities include:

1. Procedural: Infinigen is a procedural generator that uses entirely random mathematical rules to create all shapes and materials, from macroscopic structures to microscopic details. Infinigen can create infinite variations. Users have full control over asset generation by overriding the default parameters for randomization.

2. Diversity: Infinigen provides generators for diverse objects and scenes in the natural world, including plants, animals, terrain, and natural phenomena such as fire, clouds, rain, and snow. The current focus on nature is driven by the observation that mammalian vision has evolved in the natural world. However, Infinigen is expected to expand over time to cover the built environment and man-made objects.

3. Real Geometry: Infinigen is optimized for computer vision research, especially 3D vision. Infinigen does not use bump/normal-maps, full transparency or other techniques that fake geometric details. All minute geometric details of Infinigen are real, ensuring accurate 3D ground truth.

4. Automatic annotation: Infinigen can automatically generate high-quality annotations for various computer vision tasks, including optical flow, 3D scene flow, depth, surface normal, panoramic segmentation, and occlusion boundaries. Because users have full access to the rendering process, annotations are easily customizable.

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