Codes is an efficient, concise, and lightweight one-stop R&D management platform. Contains requirements management, task management, test management, defect management, automated testing, cicd and other functions. Codes helps enterprises accelerate the process of integrating R&D, testing, and operation and maintenance: Under normal circumstances, the slash-and-burn Test link has stepped on the brakes for automated Dev and Ops. Codes takes the weakest technology and the least valued test as the starting point, and breaks through the hinge lubrication link between R&D and operation and maintenance through agile testing. It solves the barrel effect of Test in the rapid iteration of DevOps, and promotes the integration process of R&D, testing, and operation and maintenance.

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codes advantage

Open source:Based on open source and compatible with open source; release new versions on a monthly basis;

Data one-stop shop:Through the one-stop R&D management platform, the full-scenario data of the R&D process is accurately accumulated, and data is used as the starting point for management to realize measurable and digitized R&D efficiency. Assist the technical team in R&D efficiency upgrade;

One-stop cooperation of codes:Accelerate the integration of products, R&D, testing, and operation and maintenance, eliminate “fragmented” management, and improve overall R&D efficiency; Efficient, simple, and lightweight: 0 exploration, fast landing, and out-of-the-box devTestOps solutions;

codes ui display

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Technology stack:

Backend: Spring

Frontend: jsp

Middleware: MySQL, activeMq

Infrastructure: Docker

build and install

It only needs 2C2G to run and execute the following curl as root:

curl -s -o && bash

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