LLVM 15 is now officially released, bringing many x86-related security features, support for Armv9, experimental HLSL and DirectX support from Microsoft, and support for more RISC-V instructions, among other features.

Changes in LLVM 15.0 include:

  • Armv9-A, Armv9.1-A and Armv9.2-A architectures are supported.Also added support for Arm Cortex-M85 CPUs
  • Experimental DirectX backend, DirectX backend for DXIL architecture, for DirectX GPU shader programs
  • Supports RDPRU instructions on AMD Zen 2 and newer CPUs
  • An HTTP server for Debuginfod
  • Preliminary SPIR-V backend work
  • Support for the half type on x86 CPUs with SSE2, added to Clang as part of the _Float16 type
  • LLVM now uses opaque pointers for LLVM IR
  • Sony starts contributing PlayStation 5 compiler target upstream
  • Complete the initial DirectX/HLSL target code
  • Complete the initial LoongArch CPU architecture code
  • Initial compiler support for AMD RDNA3/GFX11 graphics hardware

For more details, please check: https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/releases/tag/llvmorg-15.0.0

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