On the mobile side, users usually use various apps and may not open the mobile browser frequently; but on the desktop side, users still use the browser as the main way to access the Internet. In addition to affecting the user experience, performance is also directly related to the security of users’ online banking and credit cards.

Chrome is known for its speed and is currently the browser with the highest market share. It is loved by users, but a recent study shows that Chrome is also the least secure browser at present, with the most vulnerabilities among the 5 browsers surveyed. .

The research comes from AtlasVPN, and according to the report (which only records the total number of vulnerabilities, not analyzing their severity), the Chrome browser has recorded 303 vulnerabilities this year. It’s also just entering October, and it’s the only web browser to have recorded a new security hole this month.

After Chrome, Firefox came in second with 117 vulnerabilities this year; Microsoft’s Edge browser came in third with 103 vulnerabilities; Safari and Opera ranked fourth and fifth respectively , with 26 and 0 vulnerabilities, respectively.

Not only the data for the year 2022, but if you look back at the historical data in the past, the Chrome browser still ranks first in the number of vulnerabilities. Chrome has a total of 3159 vulnerabilities since its launch in September 2008. Although Firefox (2002), Safari (2003) and Opera (1995) were born earlier than Chrome, they have fewer total vulnerabilities. 1139 and 344, Edge (2015), which was born later than Chrome, has a total of 806 vulnerabilities.

Chrome, Edge, and Opera are all built on Chromium, and the difference in the number of exploits also shows that Chrome has many exploits that are not included in Chromium.

Nowadays, in order to reduce the risk of hackers exploiting browser vulnerabilities to attack you, it is best for users to enable the automatic update function of their browsers. In addition, users should also check carefully before installing browser extensions, because some of these extensions may come from unreliable sources, and there are certain security risks.

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