GCC’s Rust front-end project Gccrs has been approved to be merged into GCC trunk, which means that the next version of GCC will be able to compile Rust source code.

According to reports, the GCC Rust patch was rewritten based on the upstream GNU Compiler Collection code base, and set up a layout skeleton for the new front end, and also provided an initial target hook for i386 and ARM, and then began to lay out the front end code. Additionally, the GCC compiler supports a far greater number of targets than the standard Rust compiler.

Support for these targets can be better achieved by integrating GCC into rustc as a backend. In addition to LLVM, rustc master has backends in development for Cranelift (faster debug compilation) and GCC (access to architectures that don’t support LLVM).

Developer Arthur Cohen said that Gccrs is still in an experimental stage and will undergo a lot of changes before release.

GCC Rust’s code still needs closer scrutiny. According to the plan, it may appear as part of GCC 13. GCC 13 will release a stable version around April 2023, and its support for the Rust language will hopefully reach the beta level.

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