Katalyst is committed to solving the problem of unreasonable utilization of resources in cloud-native scenarios, and provides solutions for resource management and cost optimization:

  • QoS-Based resource model abstraction: Provide resource QoS model selection that matches business scenarios;
  • Resource elasticity management: provide flexible and scalable HPA/VPA resource elasticity strategies;
  • Scheduling and placement of micro-topology and heterogeneous devices: overall resource micro-topology-aware scheduling, placement, and dynamic adjustment capabilities;
  • Fine-grained resource allocation and isolation: Provide fine-grained resource allocation, transfer, and isolation based on business service portraits

Katalyst is divided into three main projects:

  • Katalyst-API : Katalyst related core API, including CRD, Protocol, QoS definition, etc.;
  • Katalyst-Core : Katalyst main body control logic;
  • Charts : Deployment helm charts of Kubewharf-related Projects;


Katalyst is developed based on the Kubewharf Enhanced Kubernetes distribution, see kubewharf-enhanced-kubernetes finish installation.


can refer to Charts To complete the deployment of katalyst. Since kubewharf enhanced kubernetes is developed based on a specific version of upstream kubernetes and maintains API compatibility with upstream kubernetes, if you need to deploy other components (eg operator), you need to pay attention to its API compatibility with the corresponding kubernetes version.


Katalyst provides a wealth of samples to show you related usage; for details, refer to tutorials.

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