Snowy is the first rapid development platform in China that adopts the national secret algorithm to separate front and back. The technology adopts Vue3+AntDesignVue3+Vite2+SpringBoot+Hutool+Mp+SaToken+EasyTrans. Since its release, it has been maintaining the use of customers and constantly updating and updating The frequency is also getting faster and faster. This release of V2.1.3 mainly updates the following content:

【Update】Fixed #I60MMT: Executing code generation (within the project), the backend address judgment error: Execute code generation (in the project), the backend address judgment error bug
[Update]Solve the problem that the parent directory is not displayed when the code generation front-end multi-generation tool class is imported and configured
[Update]One more variable in the update code generation form, correct the deletion method in the system configuration
[Update]Update and adapt to the new tinymce upload file method
[Update]Optimize the parameter name of the required method of the form
[Optimization]Login page code logic and style optimization
[Optimization]Encapsulate the processing logic after successful login

In addition, we have synchronized the github address for this release. In the days to come, we will not only push it on gitee, but also synchronize it to github, giving users an additional download space, address: https://github. com/xiaonuobase/Snowy

Welcome to Star, and more welcome to Fork

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