It is said that open source is difficult to make money, how difficult is it? Jointly released by News Fast Delivery and Gitee
“2022 China Open Source Developers Report” It shows that 53.25% of developers have never received income from participating in open source outside of work; another 28.79% of developers have income less than 1,000 yuan.

Qin Xiaohui also tried to make money by answering technical questions, but he earned 800 yuan in just nine years. He has also tried opening rewards and paying for knowledge. In general, relying on open source projects to support a family is not so easy.

Of course, it’s not entirely impossible. In the seventh episode of the “China Open Source Community Landscape Community Chat” series of live broadcasts, we invited Open-Falcon, Nightingale (Nightingale Monitoring), the founding research and development, and the co-founder of Kuaimao Nebula, Qin Xiaohui, to talk about his work on making money in open source In fact, the road traveled, the pits stepped on, and how to embark on the road of entrepreneurship in the end.

Live topic:Earned 800 yuan in 9 years, is it so difficult to make money through open source?

Live time:March 31, 19:00-20:30

Live platform:Video account “OSC Open Source Community”, Douyin account “Open Source China”

Sharing guests:Qin Xiaohui, founder of Open-Falcon and Nightingale, manager of public account SRETalk, co-founder of Kuaimao Nebula

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