Pale Moon browser v32.1.0 has been released, a major release that improves web compatibility by enabling Google WebComponents support by default.

Based on the Firefox/Mozilla source code a few years ago, Pale Moon developed the rendering engine Goanna and optimized the layout system.

The browser features zero ads, no collection of user data, very comprehensive interface customization, and a growing collection of Pale Moon extensions and themes (official Firefox themes and extensions are also supported).


  • WebComponents are enabled by default, bringing broader web browser compatibility to many sites using Web 2.0+ frameworks.
  • If the tab title is too long in the browser, it will now be faded instead of using an ellipsis, giving more readable space for the page title.
  • Many site-specific overrides have been updated or removed.
  • accomplish Promise.any()
  • Fixed several crashes related to regex code.
  • Improved regex object handling to properly garbage collect them.
  • Fixed some VP8 video playback issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the caret (text cursor) would sometimes not display correctly.
  • Achieved:is()and:where() CSS pseudo-classes.
  • for:not() CSS pseudo-classes implement complex selectors.
  • AchievedinsetCSS shorthand property.
  • accomplishenv()Environment variable CSS functions.
  • Implemented handling of RGB encoded video playback (not only YUV).
  • Realized the processing of full-range video (0-255 brightness levels), providing better video playback quality.
  • Removed WebP image codec preference
  • The Web Text-to-Speech API is enabled by default (only supported on some operating systems).
  • Updated NSPR to 4.35 and NSS to 3.79.4
  • Fixed several intermittent and hard to track down crashes.
  • Improved content type security for channelsjar: .
  • Improved security for JavaScript JIT code generation
  • Fixed a potential crash scenario in the graphics subsystem
  • Improved filename security when saving files, preventing potential environment leaks.

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