DataV-React is a React-based data visualization component library, mainly used to build large-screen (full-screen) data display pages—that is, data visualization, with various types of components available:

  • frame: container with different borders
  • decorate: Used to embellish the page effect and increase the visual effect
  • chart: Chart component based on Charts Packaged, lightweight, easy to use
  • other: Flying line diagram/water level diagram/carousel table/

npm install

$ npm install @jiaminghi/data-view-react


import * as datav from "@jiaminghi/data-view-react";


// 或者
import { BorderBox1 } from "@jiaminghi/data-view-react";

// 按需引入
import BorderBox1 from "@jiaminghi/data-view-react/es/borderBox1";

For detailed documents and examples, please move to HomePage.


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