FileZilla Server is a free and open source FTP and FTPS server that provides secure encrypted connections to servers.

FileZilla Server 1.6.5 is officially released, and the updates released since 1.6.0 are as follows:

New features:

  • UI: It is now possible to upload a TLS certificate to the server directly from the UI using a specific selector in the security page of the protocol configuration.
  • UI: The maximum number of characters in all text controls has been limited to a reasonable number to avoid potential crashes or stutters in corner cases.

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Fixed a regression with the RNFR command
  • Fixed an issue where a deadlock would occur if the session was destroyed during an ongoing authentication process
  • Fixed an issue with the ABOR command
  • Fixed a crash with converters for older 0.9.x configurations
  • MSW: Fixed installation issues due to service handles not being closed
  • Fixed a potential issue with locking mutexes in the management protocol
  • MSW: Installer now also works correctly if a previously installed uninstaller has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue in the networking code when handling TLS close_notify alerts.

More details can be viewed:

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