Inspektor Gadget is a collection of tools (or widgets) for debugging and inspecting Kubernetes resources and applications. It manages the packaging, deployment, and execution of eBPF programs in Kubernetes clusters, including many BCC-based tools, and some tools developed specifically for Inspektor Gadget. It automatically maps low-level kernel primitives to high-level Kubernetes resources, making it easier and faster to find relevant information.

  • Scale the use of BPF from a single node to an entire cluster
  • Map low-level Linux resources to high-level Kubernetes concepts
  • Use standalone or integrate into your own tools

Inspektor Gadget provides a variety of BPF tools for you to dig deeper into Kubernetes clusters.

Inspektor Gadgets are deployed to each node as a privileged DaemonSet. It uses the eBPF helper in the kernel to monitor events mainly related to system calls from userspace programs in pods. eBPF programs are run by the kernel and collect log data. Inspektor Gadget’s userspace utility fetches log data from the ring buffer and displays it. What are eBPF programs and how Inspektor Gadget uses them is briefly explained here:

available hereRead more details about the schema.

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