Microsoft PowerToys is a Windows system utility for advanced users to tweak and simplify their Windows experience to maximize productivity.

Here are some highlights from the PowerToys v0.63 release:


  • QuickAccent includes a new setting for language selection, which should reduce the number of accented characters the user needs to select
  • Reduced installer (125MB in 0.62.1, 83MB in 0.63.0) and setup files (817MB in 0.62.1, 0.63.0) by sharing Windows App SDK, VC++ and PowerToys Interop runtime files between tools 587MB) size. This is a step towards removing the UAC requirement on installation.

Known Issues

  • The Text Extractor tool does not recognize text running on Windows 10 ARM64 devices in some cases.
  • After installing PowerToys, the Windows 11 context menu items for PowerRename and Image Resizer may not appear until the system restarts
  • There have been reports that users cannot open the Settings window.This is caused by incompatibility with some apps


  • Fixed an issue that caused error report generation to fail
  • Updated Windows App SDK runtime to 1.1.5

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