DBeaver is a free and open source general-purpose database tool for developers and database administrators.

DBeaver 22.3.3 is released, the updates are as follows:

  • SQL editor:
    • Output log viewer now respects log levels and supports log search
    • Fixed autocompletion for mixed-case pattern names
    • Fixed result label count information
    • Autocompletion of cell values ​​is now configurable
    • Execution time of queries can now be shown in statistics
    • Fixed mixed-case variables issue
    • Improved UI for performing statistics
    • Fixed NPE issue during autocompletion
  • Data editor:
    • Fixed column name sorting issue in record mode
    • Added chart type configuration to the context menu
    • Fixed column focus issue in context menu
  • General UI:
    • The database navigator now respects font size customizations
    • Dashboard graphics now support dark theme
  • DB2: The name of the client application has been fixed
  • Exasol: Fixed permissions read for SaaS
  • MySQ:/MariaDB: schema permission preservation fixed
  • Oracle: Fixed parsing of complex datatypes for result sets
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Full backups with roles and groups are now supported
    • Added view trigger DDL
    • Fix program debugger
    • Fixed issue with URL-baes connection backups
    • Fixed support for vector data types
    • Aggregate function DDL was fixed
  • Redshift: fixed incorrect schema information read in different databases
  • Snowflake:
    • Added support for Java 17
    • Improved complex DDL statement parser
  • SQL Server: Program and function renaming was fixed
  • Vertica: Annotation reading for all metadata can be disabled

For more details, please check: https://dbeaver.io/2023/01/22/dbeaver-22-3-3/

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