Rust-GPU is an open source project for GPU programming, developed by a well-known game studio Created and maintained by Embark Studios, itsThe goal is to make Rust a “first class citizen” programming language and ecosystem for GPU shader development.Through this project, Embark Studios hopes to bring Rust to the field of GPU programming, thereby promoting the development of the entire industry.

The latest release of version 0.4 includes the following changes:

  • Improve its crates management
  • Initial support for ray tracing
  • SPIR-V Integration Enhancements
  • Basic support for unresized structures
  • Introducing an experimental new shader IR framework
  • Support for multiple SPIR-V modules using spirv-builder
  • various other changes

Below is using Rust-GPU and a rendering example with ray tracing techniques:

See Release Notes for details.

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