Easy-Retry distributed retry service platform

At present, when distributed systems are popular, the accuracy and correctness of system data is a major challenge. Based on CAP theory, flexible transactions are adopted to ensure system availability and final data consistency. In order to ensure the availability of distributed services, service Fault tolerance, service data consistency, and network issues of service-to-service abort.According to “Murphy’s Law”, adding core process retries and data verification has become a common technical solution to improve system robustness

Common business scenarios include:

  • Ensure system stability, reduce abnormalities caused by network jitter, and increase retry capability
  • Guarantee service fault tolerance, split core processes, and perform data verification during business off-peak periods
  • Guarantee the reachability of information and increase retries when notifying between services

However, due to the difficulty of triggering the retry process in normal business scenarios, R&D tests do not pay much attention to retry scenarios and traffic, and are always in an important but disorderly “management vacuum”

Easy-RETRY is a governance platform for retrying traffic in business systems. It has the characteristics of high availability, high performance and high load. The service features include:

  • Support tens of millions of retry traffic distribution
  • Support traffic capacity expansion, automatic identification and processing
  • Support horizontal expansion of traffic processing nodes
  • Efficient use of system resources to support high concurrency
  • Support multiple algorithms to schedule client execution
  • Pack and report, support high concurrency business scenarios
  • Encrypted communication to ensure information security

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