The KaOS Linux development team recently released KaOS Linux 2022.10 with the latest Plasma (5.25.90), KDE Gear (22.08.1) and Frameworks (5.78.0). All of these are built on top of Qt 5.15.6+.

The installer Calamares has implemented a number of changes over the past few months and can now be installed entirely from a touchpad or mouse, no longer requiring a keyboard. For those modules that require text input, a virtual keyboard has also been implemented.

For those who prefer PulseAudio over Pipewire, a module has been added (KaOS only) that allows users to choose their preferred audio server (Pipewire is the default).

The slideshow presented during installation has been completely revamped, no longer using a completely different image for each slide, it now has a static background and animated text that slides in and out. The corresponding image for each text is now also fading in as a slideshow. So now it’s no longer necessary to use mouse clicks to advance the slide, it loops automatically.

New user interface for the installer

  • Updated navigation and progress bar

  • removed from all modules Comboboxuse instead Drawer

  • Use Drawer to fine-tune regions

  • Keyboard page with interactive keyboard

  • remove Stackview & Combobox transferred to using Drawer

  • Select launcher options

  • Partitions page with new ZFS options

  • Summary page in QML

  • Install stage with new slides

  • For Plasma desktops, include the latest Plasma (5.25.90), KDE Gear (22.08.1), and Frameworks (5.78.0). All of these are built on top of Qt 5.15.6+.

  • kcp – a tool to help manage community packages, got a small update listing broken dependencies. This is the need for a complete rewrite of KCP-Center (Online Community Package Viewer). KCP-Center’s backend whelp for updating the database is outdated since Python 2 was removed from the KaOS repositories. It has been simplified to use kcp directly to get the database, and is compatible with Python 3. The front end was also rewritten, removing jQuery dependencies and unmaintained jQuery plugins, and using the Mithril framework to create dynamic pages.

  • Base updates for this distro include Gawk 5.2.0, Bash 5.2, Kernel move to Linux 5.19.13, Systemd 251.5, DBus 1.14.4, Git 2.38.0, Mesa 22.1.7, Texlive package move to 2022, Openssh 9.1 .P1, Libssh 0.10.4, and ZFS 2.1.6.

  • Qt 5.15 is not updated or maintained by The Qt Company (closed source, paid support only). But KDE has stepped up and released a maintained 5.15 branch. KaOS now does monthly patch updates for all Qt 5.15 releases from this branch.

  • LibreOffice replaces Calligra as the default office application for KaOS.

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