Fairchild, a general code generator for Go language, releases early adopter version 11, which is compatible with the Excel template of Java general code generator

GO Language Universal Code Generator: Fairchild Early adopter version 11. There are enhancements and bug fixes on the basis of the early adopter version 10, and it supports Chinese comments for database tables and fields, and SGS2 templates compatible with all java general code generators, directly generates go language backend and Vue frontend, and automatically formats java language SGS2 Template to go language template. Supports three major transformation function groups, supports four databases, and supports Excel data export. Support complex layout and graphical reports.

The biggest feature of the early adopter version 11 is the Excel template compatible with the Java general code generator. You need to turn on the “Use Java Compatibility” check box, the system can use the SGS2 template (Excel template) of java general code generator light, peace wing code generator and boundless code generator to generate go language code generation things. The only difference is that the package names of Fairchild’s daoimpl and serviceimpl do not support dots, you need to set the folder as a single layer.

The first stable version of Fairchild is the early adopter version 10. The functions are basically complete, and all examples have passed the detection and preliminary complete tests.

In the research and development of early adopters version 9 to early adopter version 10, many difficulties were overcome. Finally got a version with complete functions, no known defects, and fully compatible version of database and login modules and Java Universal Code Generator Light 2.3.0 Civilization Beta8. This is a new beginning for Fairchild. Around the twelfth early adopter version, Fairchild can enter the Beta version stage.

Universal Code Generator for Go: Fairchild, has released a new video demonstrating the use of the SimpleAuth elastic login module.
See the video:



The general code generator for Go language: Fairchild, has had major enhancements, and added a flexible login module SimpleAuth. The flexible login authentication function has been realized, and now the function is complete, and the front end supports the dynamic menu function.
General purpose code generator for Go language: Fairchild early adopter version 10 has excellent transformation ability. It supports three major transformation function groups, namely dynamic coconut tree function group, verb negation function group and field negation function group. Its SimpleAuth elastic login module is a fully automatic elastic login module that is highly configurable. The domain objects of its three modules can be dynamically configured. The system automatically completes the compilation check and generates a login module that meets the requirements.
Fairchild now supports front-end and back-end complex layouts and graphical report functions. It now supports independent front-ends of Vue and ElementUI, and generates dual systems with one click. Now supports MariaDB, MySQL8, PostgreSQL and Oracle four databases. Many surprises are waiting for you to discover.
The elastic login module SimpleAuth elastic module includes front-end and back-end functions, and realizes the login authentication function. Passwords, role permission functions have automatic data enhancement. One-click generation. Complete roles and permissions functionality has been implemented.

Fairchild’s project address:https://gitee.com/jerryshensjf/Fairchild

Binary version download address: https://gitee.com/jerryshensjf/Fairchild/attach_files

Project picture:

Independent front-end screenshot:

Vue front-end complex layout: tree table

Vue front-end graphical report


line chart:

Code generator backend login page:

Backend inner page:

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