Artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI officially launched last week ChatGPTa conversation-based AI chatbot model that understands and responds in natural language.

ChatGPT is fine-tuned based on the GPT-3.5 model, based on the language service model InstructGPT, and trained model RLHF through human feedback enhancement learning, but the data settings are slightly interacts in a conversational mannercan not only answer questions, but also admit mistakes, question incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests, and can interact with users in a dialogue that is closer to ordinary people.

In the past few days, many users have shown interesting content of conversations with ChatGPT. It is like incarnation of the “strongest understanding brother” on the earth. It can answer various questions easily, and let it answer the relationship between epidemic prevention policies and economic development. The answers given are not only organized Be clear and cite examples to support your ideas. Let it help to write programs, not only provides usable code, but also writes out the implementation ideas.

Not to mention how developers deal with such pediatric problems as the boss:

Here are some “geek” gameplays of ChatGPT.

This player trained ChatGPT into a Virtual Machine, which can run various Linux commands, and even use curl to let ChatGPT interact with himself.

The first is to make ChatGPT “play” the Linux terminal:

Execute the ls command, and create and read files:

After this, the user speculated that ChatGPT seemed to understand how the file system works, how files are stored and retrieved. Fast forward directly to running docker files with this virtual machine – first make a docker file, then run it:

It can be seen that ChatGPT has successfully played the role of a “virtual machine”.

This developer used ChatGPT to build a language interpreter for his programming language:

And successfully wrote an application that solves the author’s problem:

Then the author asked ChatGPT to verify the program he wrote by providing parameters, and it was no problem:

This player implemented a new programming language in ChatGPT: GPTLang, and wrote a sorting algorithm in this language.

First tell ChatGPT that it is implementing a new programming language, can you give some ideas or suggestions, ChatGPT gives some basic features of GPTLang.

Define the compiler command as `gptlc`, and you can use `gptlc file.gpt` to compile. Then let ChatGPT give some common compilation options:

The picture below is the final effect: let ChatGPT write a selection sort algorithm with GPTLang, and compile and run it on the command line.

For these “whole work” cases of ChatGPT, everyone is welcome to express their views in the comment area.

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