AutoCut is a tool to cut video with subtitles.

AutoCut automatically generates subtitles for your video, and then you select the sentence you want to keep, and AutoCut will cut and save the corresponding segment in your video. You don’t need to use video editing software, just edit the text file to complete the cutting.

Example of use

If you record a video on2022-11-04/in this folder.then run

autocut -d 2022-11-04

Tip: If you use OBS to record the screen, you can设置->高级->录像->文件名格式Change the space in/,Right now%CCYY-%MM-%DD/%hh-%mm-%ss. Then the video files will be placed in the folder named by date.

AutoCut will continue to extract and cut subtitles from videos in this folder.For example, you just finished a video recording, save it in11-28-18.mp4. AutoCut will you select the sentences you want to keep in it, AutoCut will cut out11-28-18_cut.mp4and generate11-28-18_cut.mdto preview the results.

You can use any Markdown editor. For example, I often use VS Code and Typora.The picture below is through Typora11-28-18.mdedit.

After all is done inautocut.mdAfter selecting the video to be spliced, AutoCut will outputautocut_merged.mp4and corresponding subtitle files.

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