ZomboDB brings powerful text search and analytics capabilities to Postgres by using Elasticsearch as the index type. Its comprehensive query language and SQL functions enable new and creative ways to query your relational data.

From a technical point of view, ZomboDB is a native Postgres extension written 100% in Rust and PGX. ZomboDB uses Postgres’ index access method API to directly manage and optimize ZomboDB’s specialized indexes. As a native Postgres index type, ZomboDB allows you to CREATE INDEX … USING zombodb on your existing Postgres tables. At this point, ZomboDB takes over and fully manages the remote Elasticsearch index, guaranteeing transactionally correct text search query results.

ZomboDB is fully compatible with all query plan types and most SQL commands of Postgres, such as CREATE INDEX, COPY, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT, ALTER, DROP, REINDEX, (auto)VACUUM, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you use an Elasticsearch cloud provider or manage your own cluster – ZomboDB communicates with Elasticsearch through its RESTful API, so you can go either way.

ZomboDB allows you to use the power and scalability of Elasticsearch directly from Postgres. You don’t have to manage transactions between Postgres and Elasticsearch, asynchronous indexing pipelines, complex reindexing processes, or multiple data access code paths – ZomboDB does it all for you.


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