The ACPI 6.5 specification, released last August, introduced support for the LoongArch/RISC-V architecture. recently,A groupBy RISC-V startup Ventana Micro Systems which provided The Linux kernel patch provides basic ACPI infrastructure support for the RISC-V processor architecture.

The full name of ACPI is Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface, advanced configuration and power management interface. Operating system applications can manage all power management interfaces through ACPI, so as to achieve energy saving and performance improvement.

Ventana Micro Systems is a company established in 2018 with the aim of becoming a “RISC-V performance leader”. It has been working on the implementation of RISC-V’s ACPI for the past few years. Lecture (PDF) with more background information on the work. In addition, Ventana provides the upstream RISC-V ACPI platform specification for ACPI requirements for RISC-V server class platforms.

Ventana engineer Sunil VL released 24 Linux kernel patches last week to enable the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) infrastructure on RISC-V. This ACPI support is currently being tested with QEMU, and Ventana may be working on bringing server-grade RISC-V hardware to market that will use ACPI.

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