Version 0.3 of the chart scripting language D2 has been released.

D2 is a modern diagramming scripting language that converts text into diagrams. It stands for declarative diagrams, users just need to use descriptive text and it will automatically generate diagrams.

Here’s its Hello World:

major changes

  • This version of the SVG is about 5% of the size of the D2 0.2 version.The main reason is D2 now no longer encodes the entire font, but only bundles the used parts of it (for example, if the letter “b” is not used, the font encoding for “b” will not be included).
  • D2’s built-in mechanism for combining multiple panels into one chart, version 0.3 releasedFirst Practical Application of Multi-Plate Composition: Animation.


  • customizable fonts. You can pass in anything you want to use via the command line.

other changes

New “Origami” theme

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 7 59 31 PM

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