Spring Boot 3.0 is now officially released, this version includes 5700+ by 151 individuals over 12 months commit crystallization of work.This is the first major revision of Spring Boot since 2.0 was released 4.5 years ago. It is also the first Spring Boot GA release to support Spring Framework 6.0 and GraalVM.

Since this is a major release of Spring Boot, upgrading existing applications might be a little more complicated than usual. Officially compiled a dedicated migration guide to help upgrade existing Spring Boot 2.7 applications.If you are currently running an earlier version of Spring Boot, it is recommended to upgrade to Spring Boot 2.7 before migrating to Spring Boot 3.0.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Java 17 baseline and Java 19 support.
    • Spring Boot 3.0 requires Java 17 as a minimum version. If you are currently using Java 8 or Java 11, you will need to upgrade your JDK before you can develop Spring Boot 3.0 applications. Spring Boot 3.0 works fine and has been tested with JDK 19.
    • Spring Boot requires Graal 22.3 or higher and Native Build Tools Plugin 0.9.17 or higher
  • Support for GraalVM native images, replacing the experimental Spring Native project.
    • Spring Boot 3.0 applications can now be converted to GraalVM native images, which can provide significant memory and startup performance improvements. Support for GraalVM Native Images is a major engineering effort across the Spring portfolio. To get started with GraalVM native images, see the updated Spring Boot reference documentation.
  • Improved Observability with Micrometer and Micrometer Tracing
  • Support with EE 9 baseline Jakarta EE 10

“Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to Spring and Spring Boot over the years! Support for Jakarta EE 9 and 10, observability enhancements, and GraalVM support has been a huge team effort and no aspect of the Spring portfolio has been affected,” the announcement reads. Impact. Special thanks to the developers of other projects in the Spring portfolio, without whom this release would not be possible.”

More details can be viewed release notes.

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