LiteFlow v2.8.5 is officially released today! Fully compatible with version 2.8.X.

At the same time, IDEA plugin LiteFlowX 1.0.4 was released at the same time today! You can download/update in the plugin market.

LiteFlow is a flexible, high-growth, community-driven, silky-smooth domestic open-source rule engine that is getting better and better.

If you know this project for the first time, you can go to the official website or related homepage to learn about it:

Project official website:

gitee hosted repository:

github hosted repository:

The version feature brought this time is the addition of conditional expressions, that is, the usage of IF…ELIF…ELSE is supported in the EL process syntax.

How to use it, please refer to the documentationEL规则的写法/条件表达式this chapter.

At the same time, the 2.8.5 version has enhanced several functions, which solved the problem that the EL syntax error report that has been criticized is too single. There will now be a more detailed error message.

As of 2.8.5, LiteFlow has a total of 933 test cases! Huge test cases make LiteFlow more stable and robust.

LiteFlow has guaranteed the frequency of at least two updates in January. At present, the community has more than 1,000 people, and the star is close to 2.8k. The community is very active, and various public account leaders and open source authors are also in the group.If you want to join the community, you can click on LiteFlow’s official website加入群聊.

The official website has prepared official PPT for users to share within the company. Come take a look.


The update list is as follows:

特性 #I5KTST IF三元符语法的添加以及IF ELIF ELSE语法的添加

增强 #I5O22X 增加EL解析中的报错详细信息

增强 #I5MZJY 解决循环调用同步的隐式流程,参数只能取一次的问题

修复 #I5NH56 switch组件对于cglib代理过的bean目前处理的不够全面

修复 I5NFV3 在zk集群中多个zk地址不生效的bug

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