Tauri 1.2.0 was officially released last week.

Tauri is a desktop UI framework that allows developers to use each platform’s Webview technology stack to build applications for all major desktop operating systems, and currently supports platforms such as Windows/macOS/Linux. Through Tauri, developers can use almost any front-end framework compiled to HTML, JS and CSS to build desktop UI.

The Tauri core library is written in Rust. The backend of an application developed using Tauri is a Rust-based binary file with an API that the frontend can interact with, and calls the backend interface through JS Api.

Updates to version 1.2 include minimum Rust versions required for upgrades, security fixes, and separate optimizations for Linux and macOS.

This release introduces a patch for a reported security vulnerability in MessyComposer, affected versions:

Brief description of the vulnerability: Special characters in paths selected via file dialogs and drag-and-drop are not properly escaped, so they can be partially bypassedfsScope definition (Filesystem Scope). This problem only exists for adjacent files and subfolders of allowed paths. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability requires a user to select a pre-existing malicious file or directory in a file chooser dialog and access these files through attacker-controlled logic. This means that the question itself cannot be abused and requires further privileges.

Click here for more details on the security breach.

Tauri now requires a minimum of Rust 1.59 to compile, mainly because several dependent updates require a version higher than Rust 1.59.

  • Support custom protocol header on Linux

The Linux webview bindings have been updated to support custom protocol headers when running on webkit2gtk 2.36 or later. This fixes a CORS issue when fetching build resources manually in production.

  • Enhanced title bar configuration on macOS

This release incorporates a highly anticipated PR: Introducing style configuration for title bars in macOS. Applications can now define a transparent or overlay title bar, hide window title text, and define windows to receive the first mouse event, so that they can gain focus immediately after receiving a click event to facilitate being dragged.

A window with an overlay title bar style:

A window with a transparent title bar style (using the window background color):

See the release announcement for details.

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