Sublime Text is a commercial code editor. It natively supports many programming languages ​​and markup languages, and users can extend its functionality through plugins, often built by the community and maintained under free software licenses. To facilitate plugins, Sublime Text has a Python API.

Sublime Text 4 Build 4142 is released, which is another version of Sublime Text 4 after nearly a year (in the official log, the last update was in December 2021). The update content of this version is as follows:

  • Added syntax-based code folding feature
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Newly rewritten Haskell syntax highlighting
  • Recent files list is now global rather than per-window
  • Files opened in Sublime Text are now added to the system’s recent files list
  • Added conversion commands between common identifier case
  • Added “hot_exit_projects” setting to control which data is saved in the workspace file.
  • Added “minimap_horizontal_scrolling” setting
  • Added “open_tabs_after_current” setting to control where tabs are opened
  • Added “show_spelling_errors” (show spelling errors) and “show_line_column” (show line count) settings
  • The toggle for annotations has been reworked to better handle embedded languages
  • Added support for Nordic (Windows 865) encoding
  • Reopening the file now asks for confirmation when there are unsaved changes.
  • Improved symlink detection for filesystems
  • Improved regular expression performance for syntax highlighting
  • Find in files: improved detection of binaries found in files
  • Find in file: Find in file now supports project-related patterns starting with //
  • Find in files: added “find_in_files_max_file_size” setting
  • Syntax highlighting: fixed a crash caused when starting a branch point at the end of a line
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed various syntax highlighting errors related to backtracking
  • Rendering: Improved performance for large folded areas
  • Rendering: Fixed OpenGL issue with incorrect activation context
  • Rendering: Fixed OpenGL rendering errors related to shadows
  • Rendering: improved performance for files with large differences
  • Rendering: Fixed various issues with fading labels in the sidebar
  • Rendering: Fixed an issue where underlines for text annotations would not draw when combined with other font styles


  • Linux: System scrollbar override settings are now respected
  • Linux: Fixed various issues caused by the C locale
  • Linux: Added protection against nested GTK main loops that could lead to data loss
  • Linux: Fixed dragging tabs into windows not working.
  • Linux: Fixed crash on startup of some desktop environments
  • Linux: Fixed not being able to grab scroll bars in maximized windows when on the right edge of the screen


  • Mac: Fixed license being removed due to network MAC address change
  • Mac.Fixed cursor stuck on macOS Ventura
  • Mac: Recent files are now available without opening a window
  • Mac: Fixed various issues with the Quick Switch Project dialog
  • Mac: Fixed a case where opening an already open file would jump to the beginning
  • Mac: Fixed a case where the settings window could not be closed
  • Mac: Fixed open file dialog crash on some syntaxes
  • Mac: Fixed scrolling issue when pressing command modifier keys
  • Mac: Fixed window/new tab not working under adaptive themes


  • Windows: Adjusted for new Windows 11 window borders

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