openEuler is an open-source operating system for digital infrastructure, and openEuler 22.09 is the latest innovative version built by the community, fully releasing diverse computing power, deepening innovation in all scenarios, and realizing the interconnection between Euler and Hongmeng.As the first innovative version after donation from the community, openEuler 22.09 continues to burst with innovative vitality. The full version of the code has reached 670 million lines, with 20.12 million new lines of code, and the kernelnewThere are 48,000 lines of original code, and more than 12,000 northbound source code software packages have been added, bringing the total to 28,087.Build a rich software ecosystem for the best operating system that supports diverse computing.

1265 developers participated in the version contribution of openEuler 22.09. Compared with the previous version, the number of developers who participated in the version contribution increased by 63%, which is the largest number of developers among the released versions of openEuler. The smooth release of openEuler 22.09 is inseparable from the active contributions of nearly 400 companies in the community. Special thanks to Huawei, Kirin Software, Tongxin Software, Runhe Software, Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tolinsi, Kirin Principal, China Unicom, SUSE, Loongson Technology, Intel, Hyperfusion, Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute, Puhua Basic Software and other companies and research institutes.

01 Fully release diverse computing power

openEuler 22.09 adds system images for SW-64 and LoongArch architectures, adds support for ARM architecture memory fault tolerance enhancement, SME, business secret acceleration and other features, adds support for Intel SPR kernel and virtualization, RISC-V new Added four operating environments: QEMU, D1, unmatched, and VisionFive.

In addition to the new features, openEuler 22.09 has also completed the adaptation of Raspberry Pi and Rockchip, and continues to accelerate ecological expansion.

The mainstream board manufacturers supported by the openEuler community include Avago, Emulex, Mellanox, Intel, NVIDIA, Marvell, QLogic, Huawei, Broadcom, Netswift, etc. More than 10; the mainstream CPU manufacturers supported by the openEuler community include Intel, AMD, Kunpeng, Feiteng, Mega More than 10 companies including Xinxin, Haiguang, Shenwei, Rockchip, RISC-V, etc.; the mainstream complete machine manufacturers supported include Inspur, Zhongke Controllable, ZTE, Hyperfusion, H3C, Tongfang, Baode, Baixin, etc. More than 20 homes. For details, please check the hardware compatibility list on the official website of the openEuler community. More chip, board, and machine manufacturers are welcome to use this function to complete hardware driver adaptation.

Hardware Compatibility List

In order to ensure the compatibility of software and hardware products and solutions based on openEuler, the distribution based on the openEuler community version meets the requirements of the community route. The community has launched Euler technology evaluation. Currently, the solution has obtained the certificate through the Euler Ecological Innovation Center. There are 221 certificates, including 204 general certificates and 17 OS certificates, providing safe and reliable full-scenario products and solutions for thousands of industries.

02Continue to deepen innovation in all scenarios

server scenario

Based on eBPF technology, flexible IO strategies are realized, and the performance of big data scenarios is improved by 10%; the CNC separation architecture is released, and the performance is improved by more than 10% in computing-intensive applications; it supports programmable kernels, applications can perceive system scheduling, and the performance of hbase can be improved. 20% increase.

Cloud & Edge Scenarios

Achieve differentiated cloud-native capabilities with lightweight runtimes and hybrid deployments. After the hybrid deployment of the business system, the utilization rate of virtualized resources is increased to 30%; the extremely lightweight WASI cloud-native core engine, the memory noise floor is less than 50KB, the thousand-level concurrency is less than 5ms, and the performance is improved by 10 times; it supports NestOS, and Published NestOS build tool nestos-assemble; supports OpenStack Yoga version.

Embedded scene

Integrated real-time kernel, providing hard real-time capability of 3 microseconds. The distributed soft bus capability has the characteristics of high security, large bandwidth data transmission and real-time control, which can realize the interconnection between Euler and Hongmeng, and explore innovations in scenarios such as geographic inspection. Hyperterminals and edge devices with distributed soft bus capability can realize rapid networking.

developer tools

The community continues to build system construction and deployment, and community native development capabilities around openEuler Devkit, openEuler Devops.

openEuler Devkit releases Opensd deployment tools and GCC plugin framework:

Opensd deployment tool: China Unicom’s open-source and self-developed Opensd components to openEuler 22.09 version, supports OpenStack to realize one-click batch automatic deployment of openStack service components, greatly improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

GCC plugin framework: Help developers better optimize and innovate compilers, and enhance ability sharing between different compilers. Support two types of statistical analysis plug-ins (inline functions, variable types), provide security reinforcement capabilities such as plug-in integrity verification, realize the decoupling of GCC compilation and plug-in processes, greatly improve the flexibility of plug-in development, and enrich the compiler developer ecosystem .

openEuler DevOps releases the next-generation operating system compilation/build toolchain, supports incremental builds, automatically analyzes software package changes, realizes precise positioning of associated software packages, helps developers achieve accurate PR-level access control construction, and enhances PR-level defect interception capabilities , and can build software packages in batches with one click, greatly improving the efficiency of compilation and construction.

desktop environment

Support UKUI, DDE, Kiran-destop, GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon desktop environment to provide users with an excellent desktop user experience.


Thanks again to the 1265 developers, nearly 400 hundred manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world who contributed to the openEuler 22.09 version for their contributions and trust in the openEuler community. Every step of the openEuler community’s growth is inseparable from everyone’s efforts. In the future, the community will continue to promote innovation and development in server, cloud computing, edge computing and embedded scenarios.

main business

main contribution


Programmable kernel, virtualized hybrid deployment, NC separation, distributed soft bus, embedded hard real-time

Kylin Software

UKUI desktop environment, new version of NestOS, nestos-assemble build tool

Tongxin Software

DDE desktop environment, OpenStack Yoga, software update tool, backup and restore tool

Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

openEuler RISC-V supports firefox, chromiun, LibreOffice


GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon desktop environments

Kylin Trust

Kiran-destop desktop environment upgrade 2.3, new Qt theme plugin, control center, audio and network components

China Unicom

Opensd deployment tools, OpenStack Yoga


Rancher 2.5

Loongson Zhongke

openEuler Loong Arch System Image


Intel SPR

PwC Basic Software

openEuler SW-64 system image

Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute

openEuler SW-64 system image

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