Spring Framework 6.0.0 has released its fourth RC release. This version includes 12 bugfixes and functional improvements. It should be the last RC version before the official GA of Spring Framework 6.0.0. The official version is currently planned to be released in mid-November.

new features

  • Introduce DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer for SQL Server sequences #29447

  • Introduce findAllAnnotationsOnBean variant on ListableBeanFactory #29446

  • Support Jakarta WebSocket 2.1 #29436

  • Support before selecting handler@ControllerAdviceHandle exceptions in WebFlux #22991


  • Fix the problem that beans with unresolved generics cannot use the AOT fallback algorithm #29454

  • Fix TomcatRequestUpgradeStrategy incompatibility with Tomcat 10.1 #29434

  • Fix the problem that the generic Autowiring generated by factory bean cannot run after AOT processing #29385

Optimize documentation

  • Fix the issue that reference PDF files with full documentation are not available #28451

upgrade dependencies

  • Adjust Servlet API baseline: Servlet 6.0 in the build, Servlet 5.0 compatibility at runtime #29435

  • Upgrade to Context Propagation 1.0.0 #29442

  • Upgrade to Jackson 2.14.0 #29351

  • Upgrade to Micrometer 1.10.0 #29441

Spring Framework 6.0 as a major update, requiresUse Java 17 or higherand migrated to Jakarta EE 9+ (in jakarta The namespace replaces the javax EE API), and other infrastructure modifications.Based on these changes, Spring Framework 6.0 supports the latest web containers such as Tomcat 10 / Jetty 11and the latest persistence framework Hibernate ORM 6.1. These features are only available for the Servlet API and the jakarta namespace variant of JPA.

It is worth mentioning that with this release, developers can experience “virtual threads” in Spring-based applications (preview “Project Loom” in JDK 19), check this article for more details.Custom options are now provided to insert virtual thread based Executor Implemented, with the goal of providing “first-class citizen” configuration options when Project Loom is officially available.

In addition to the above-mentioned changes, Spring Framework 6.0 also includes many other improvements and features, such as:

See Release Note for details.

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