Ruoyi Cloud Microservice Version v3.6.1 has been released, changelog:

  • Data tombstones are not uniquely validated
  • Supports multi-authority characters to match role data permissions
  • Page embedded iframe switching tab does not refresh data
  • Added maximum number of incorrect passwords/lock time
  • Added unlock account function to login log
  • Added config option for general download method
  • Operational logging supports exclusion of sensitive attribute fields
  • Excel annotations support sublist methods for exporting objects
  • Excel annotations support custom hidden attribute columns
  • Excel annotation supports backgroundColor property to set background color
  • Upgrade spring-cloud-alibaba to the latest version 2021.0.4.0
  • Upgrade spring-cloud to the latest version 2021.0.4
  • Upgrade spring-boot to the latest version 2.7.3
  • Upgrade spring-boot-admin to the latest version 2.7.5
  • Upgrade seata to the latest version 1.5.2
  • Upgrade druid to the latest version 1.2.12
  • Upgrade fastjson to the latest version 2.0.14
  • Upgrade pagehelper to the latest version 1.4.5
  • Upgrade core-js to the latest version 3.25.2
  • Upgrade dynamic-ds to the latest version 3.5.2
  • Upgrade element-ui to the latest version 2.15.10
  • Fix the abnormal problem of multi-file upload error reporting
  • Fix the problem that the src attribute of the image preview component is a null value and the console reports an error
  • Fix the problem that the file name does not have a suffix when uploading an avatar using FastDFS fails
  • Optimize seata separately dependent modules
  • The optimization task expires and does not execute scheduling
  • Optimize dictionary data to use store access
  • Optimizing code to generate NULL value after synchronization
  • Optimize timing tasks to support execution of parent class methods
  • Optimize and modify the problem that the profile picture is overwritten
  • Optimize and modify the user login account to repeat the verification
  • Optimize the user’s personal information interface to prevent modification of the department
  • Optimized layout settings to use el-drawer drawer display
  • Optimize the log annotation record to limit the length of the request address
  • Optimize data permissions before importing and updating user data
  • Optimize the excel/scale property to export the cell value type
  • Optimize the problem of repeated queries when the button is reset in the log operation
  • Optimizing multiple identical role data leads to duplication of privilege SQL
  • Optimize the right toolbar on the table (the search button is visible and hidden & the right style is raised)
  • Other details optimization

Distributed microservice architecture permission management system based on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud & Alibaba, and Redis.

download link RuoYi-Cloud

Ruoyi is a set of all open source rapid development platforms, which are free for individuals and enterprises to use without reservation.

  • The front-end and back-end separation mode is adopted, and the micro-service version front-end (based on [RuoYi-Vue](
  • The backend uses Spring Boot, Spring Cloud & Alibaba, and Redis.
  • The registration center and configuration center select Nacos, and use Redis for authorization authentication.
  • The flow control framework is Sentinel, and the distributed transaction is Seata.
  • * Technology stack (Vue3 Element Plus Vite) version available RuoYi-Cloud-Vue3, keep it updated.

system module

├── ruoyi-ui              // 前端框架 [80]
├── ruoyi-gateway         // 网关模块 [8080]
├── ruoyi-auth            // 认证中心 [9200]
├── ruoyi-api             // 接口模块
│       └── ruoyi-api-system                          // 系统接口
├── ruoyi-common          // 通用模块
│       └── ruoyi-common-core                         // 核心模块
│       └── ruoyi-common-datascope                    // 权限范围
│       └── ruoyi-common-datasource                   // 多数据源
│       └── ruoyi-common-log                          // 日志记录
│       └── ruoyi-common-redis                        // 缓存服务
│       └── ruoyi-common-seata                        // 分布式事务
│       └── ruoyi-common-security                     // 安全模块
│       └── ruoyi-common-swagger                      // 系统接口
├── ruoyi-modules         // 业务模块
│       └── ruoyi-system                              // 系统模块 [9201]
│       └── ruoyi-gen                                 // 代码生成 [9202]
│       └── ruoyi-job                                 // 定时任务 [9203]
│       └── ruoyi-file                                // 文件服务 [9300]
├── ruoyi-visual          // 图形化管理模块
│       └── ruoyi-visual-monitor                      // 监控中心 [9100]
├──pom.xml                // 公共依赖

Architecture diagram

System demo

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