In the hot summer and global warming, on the occasion of the first anniversary, the Zadig team released the version in Mogan Mountain, Zhejiang, and officially launched Zadig v1.14.0.

After a year of development, Zadig’s products have been fully developed in terms of completeness, ease of use, and scalability, and have thrived together with community partners. This version introduces a more powerful custom workflow to meet the process orchestration needs of enterprises in the delivery chain. It is another major function after Zadig’s unique sword “environmental governance” capability, which further helps enterprises face various scenarios, high-level Develop custom modules and services autonomously, while embracing the involvement of more partners and engineers to orchestrate the services and value of any beneficial iterative high-quality product throughout the cloud-native software delivery lifecycle. Enjoy ~

Workflow is omnipotent, and enterprise processes are 100% adaptable

The workflow trigger mechanism is more flexible, supporting Git triggers and executing some tasks

Workflow strategy design is more convenient and supports configuration of default branches

Rich variable capabilities, support parameterized configuration workflow, and transfer information between stages

Open task scheduling design, enterprises can customize and develop modules that adapt to their own business processes

Environmental capabilities are further enhanced, and engineer experience is more convenient

Support copying based on the existing K8s YAML environment, and pull up the environment of the specified version with one click

Support viewing environment change records, so that operations can be traced

Support downloading files in the container, and the debug capability is improved to a higher level

The system architecture is more streamlined, and the cluster access is very convenient

The system architecture is reduced to reduce the maintenance and use burden. For details, please refer to the Zadig system architecture

Multi-cluster management supports the kubeconfig method, even if the external cluster network cannot connect to the cluster where Zadig is located, it can be successfully connected, and it is no longer constrained by the network

The performance API is fully open to gain insight into the value behind the data

Support to obtain performance data of construction, deployment, and testing through OpenAPI, and objectively understand the value behind the data

Managed project plus collaboration mode, cloud native with Zadig

Managed project 0 burdens access to Zadig, and assigns workflow and environment permissions in batches through a collaborative mode. One step ahead, on the road to cloud-native delivery.

List of new features details


  • Product workflow supports configuring default branches
  • Custom workflows support common tasks
  • Custom workflow supports selection of partial tasks for execution
  • Custom workflow build tasks support configuring default branches
  • Custom workflows support the use of custom tasks
  • Custom workflow supports global variables
  • Custom workflow supports Git triggers
  • Custom workflow supports MySQL tasks
  • Support for fetching code branches using variable $BRANCH in Sonar code scans


  • Add dryRun operation before updating environment for Helm Chart project and K8s YAML project
  • Environment Support Change Log
  • K8s YAML project supports environment replication
  • Support for downloading files from containers


  • Managed projects support collaborative mode
  • Developer Center Opens Performance Insights API
  • Multi-cluster management supports kubeconfig mode
  • Zadig architecture optimization, merging components

bugs and optimizations

  • Fixed the issue that the workflow webhook does not take effect when there is a service with the same name in the managed project
  • Fix the problem that the custom workflow custom build image PATH is overwritten
  • Fixed the problem that the custom workflow build task could not pull the custom build image
  • Fix the problem that the variable value is invalid after the custom build variable name is modified
  • Fix the issue of invalid expansion step in deliverable workflow
  • Fix the problem that clone directory is invalid in code scan
  • Support general Git code source configuration in IP + PORT form

Release Note


  • Workflows can choose their own default branches.
  • Implement general job for custom workflow.
  • Jobs can be partially executed in custom workflow.
  • Implement custom job for custom workflow.
  • Enable global variables for custom workflow.
  • Enable webhooks for custom workflow.
  • Implement Mysql plugin for custom workflow.
  • Enable the use of $BRANCH parameter in code scan.


  • Dry run functionality for both helm chart project and yaml project.
  • Operation logs for environment changes
  • Environment duplication functionality for yaml project.
  • Download files from pods in environment pages.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Collaboration mode has been enabled for loaded projects.
  • OpenAPI for build, test and deploy statistics.
  • Clusters can be managed by kubeconfigs instead of agents.
  • Merged some microservices.
  • Codehost with git protocol is now compatible with repository with IP + port.
  • Multiple code-scan improvements.
  • Multiple webhook bugfixes
  • Multiple workflow improvements.

Zadig, let engineers focus more on creation. Welcome to the open source Tucao group🔥

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