GoView is an efficient drag-and-drop low-code data visualization development platform, which encapsulates charts or page elements as basic components, and can create large data screens without writing code, reducing mental burden

Technical point:

  • Framework: Based on Vue3 frame writing, using hooks The writing method extracts part of the logic to make the code structure clearer;

  • Type: use TypeScript Carry out type constraints to reduce the probability of unknown errors, and boldly modify the logic content;

  • Performance: Multiple performance optimizations, using page lazy loading, component dynamic registration, data scrolling loading and other methods to improve page rendering speed;

  • Storage: with local memory, some configuration items use storage Store locally to improve user experience;

  • Encapsulation: The project has detailed tool class encapsulation such as: routing, storage, encryption/decryption, file processing, themes, NaiveUI global methods, components, etc.


Request configuration:

Data filtering:

Theme color:

The main technology stacks are:

name Version name Version
vue 3.2.x TypeScript4 4.6.x
Vite 2.9.x NaiveUI 2.27.x
ECharts 5.3.x Pinia 2.0.x
see details package.json 😁 🥰 🤗

Development environment:

name Version name Version
node 16.14.x npm 8.5.x
pnpm 7.1.x windows 11

Completed diagram:

Classification name name name
chart Histogram Horizontal bar chart line chart
\* Single/Multi-Line Area Chart Pie chart water polo illustration
\* donut chart NaiveUI various progress 🤠
information Word picture 😶
list Scroll ranking list scroll table 🤓
widget Border -01~13 Decoration-01~05 digital flop

Everyone is welcome to check it out, remember to give a ⭐! Boots!

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MTrun-go-view-vue homepage, documentation and download – Vue3-based low-code data visualization development platform – News Fast Delivery

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