Ubuntu 22.10 Beta is now available for download,The final stable release will be released on October 20th. The specific updates in this version include:

The latest GNOME 43 release combines Kinetic with most of its major new features. There’s a new Quick Settings for easier management of daily system tasks; the resizing-friendly Settings app; and a ton of new features in the Nautilus file manager, including a restyled Properties dialog and enhanced lists view.

Pipewire, the default audio server in Ubuntu 22.10, includes the WirePlumber Policy Manager tool so users can manage and configure their audio settings to their liking. PipeWire has fewer bugs than PulseAudio, offers better hardware compatibility, and has Bluetooth audio codec support for AAC, LDAC, and aptX/aptX HD.

One of the Settings appNew Ubuntu desktop panelComes with options/settings to adjust the behavior of desktop icon extensions and Ubuntu dock.

In terms of applications, Ubuntu 22.10 replaces Gedit with GNOME’s new text editor core application .The new editor works basically the same, but looks better and integrates better with the modern GNOME desktop. Users who want to continue using Gedit can reinstall it from the repos.

To Do App no ​​longer containsin the default software settings.includeThe latest version of other softwareincluding the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (a Snap), the Thunderbird email client, and the LibreOffice productivity suite.

Ubuntu 22.10 Beta ships with Linux kernel 5.19, Mesa 22, and Network Manager 1.40.Some other changes:

  • Quick Setup
  • New Ubuntu desktop setup
  • App spreads in the Ubuntu Dock
  • Pipewire default sound system
  • New text editor app
  • Nautilus functionality via GNOME 43
  • WebP image support
  • Unicode 15 emoji

Download address: https://releases.ubuntu.com/

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