SysLinuxOS (for system integrators) is a Debian-based GNU/Linux live distribution designed for system integrators and system administrators.

SysLinuxOS 12 for System Integrators

It provides a complete network environment that integrates various software tools with a friendly graphical interface using the Mate or Gnome desktop.

SysLinuxOS comes out of the box with all networking tools installed by default. No need to install anything, it’s a swiss army knife to take with you. SysLinuxOS has all major VPNs, several remote control clients, various browsers, and Wine, Wireshark, Etherape, Ettercap, PackETH, Packetsender, Putty, Nmap, Packet Tracer 8.2.1, Virtualbox, and serial console tools and The latest stable Linux kernel.

SysLinuxOS provides a powerful and feature-rich operating system designed for system integration professionals. With its enhanced desktop, improved security measures, advanced networking capabilities, and comprehensive monitoring tools, SysLinuxOS provides a reliable and efficient platform for system integration tasks.

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