Ebou is a cross-platform Mastodon (and Pleroma, untested) client written in Rust using the Dioxus UI library. It’s currently on macOS [stable]、Windows [beta] Runs on, theoretically on Linux [untested] run on.

Ebou is a different take on the Microblogging / Mastodon experience. It groups new Toots by author and displays them in a different UI than the likes of Telegram, iMessage or WhatsApp. This makes it easy to see your friends’ updates all at once.

It also has a “conversation” view that helps you see replies in context.

Ebou is currently in beta. There are bugs, and features are missing. Below is a list of currently supported Mastodon features:

  • timeline
  • Super minimal notifications (only mentions and Ebou can’t remember which ones you’ve already seen)
  • Posting (including video/image attachments by dragging and dropping images onto the window)
  • Have conversations in a beautiful nested tree view
  • Boost,favorite, reply, bookmark
  • the list
  • Your Favorites/Bookmarks
  • Introduction
  • set up
  • Minimal Search
  • Followers / Follows
  • some settings

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