DistroBox is a tool that simplifies running different flavors of Linux in containers. It is one of those great tools for people who often need to use multiple different distributions of Linux and can save you a lot of time and effort. The tool is designed to simplify the creation and use of Linux system containers, making it easier to run one distribution on top of another without the overhead of a virtual machine.

Distrobox uses podman or docker to create containers with your Linux distribution of choice. The created container will be tightly integrated with the host, allowing sharing of the user’s HOME directory, external storage, external USB devices and graphics applications (X11/Wayland), audio, etc.

Create a new distrobox:

distrobox create -n test

Enter the created distrobox:

distrobox enter test

in distrobox Execute the command in:

distrobox enter test -- command-to-execute

list running distrobox:

distrobox list

Stop the running distrobox:

distrobox stop test

remove distrobox:

distrobox rm test

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