Linux-router is a bash script. All it takes is one command to set up Linux as a router. Ability to provide Internet access and create WiFi hotspots. Can also be used to set up networking for virtual machines or containers.

it wraps iptables , dnsmasqwait. Both setting and undoing require only one command or one simple operation.


  • Create a NATed subnet
  • provide internet
  • DHCP server (and RA)
    • Specifies the DNS assigned by the DHCP server to the client
  • domain name server
    • Specify upstream DNS (a common DNS proxy)
  • IPv6 (behind a NATed LAN, like IPv4)
  • Create a WiFi hotspot:
    • channel selection
    • Select Encryption: WPA2/WPA, WPA2, WPA, No Encryption
    • Create the AP on the same interface as the internet (usually requires the same channel)
  • Transparent proxy (redsocks)
  • Transparent DNS proxy (hijacking port 53 packets)
  • Detect NetworkManager and make sure it doesn’t interfere (handle interface (un)managed state)
  • Many instances can be run to create many different networks. It has instance management function.

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