Serverpod is an open source, scalable application and web server built for the Flutter and Dart ecosystems. It allows developers to write server-side code in Dart, automatically generate APIs, and connect to databases with minimal effort, and developers can host servers anywhere.

code generation

Serverpod automatically generates protocol and client code by analyzing the server, and calling remote endpoints is as simple as making local method calls.


No more searching through endless server logs, pinpoint anomalies and slow database queries in an easy-to-use user interface with just one click.

built-in cache

Reduce database costs by not having to permanently store all data when it is not necessary. Serverpods come with a built-in high-performance distributed cache. Any serializable object can be cached locally on the server.

Easy-to-use ORM

Save time, use Serverpod’s ORM, your queries use native Dart types and null-safety. There is a straight path from the statically checked code to the database. Serverpod automatically generates the Postgres queries needed to set up the database.

File Upload

Upload files directly to S3 or store them in your database.


Currently supported are Google, Apple, Firebase and email logins

data flow

Pass the serialized object over an authenticated socket. Push messages from the server for real-time communication, supports sending messages across server clusters, ideal for building games or chat applications.

health examination

Monitor databases and external services in use, write custom health checks and get notified when problems arise.

easy to deploy

Serverpod comes with Terraform scripts for GCP and AWS, which makes deploying servers very fast.

Built-in web server

Serverpods come with a built-in web server, which makes it very easy for applications that require applications and traditional web pages to share data. You can also use your web server to create webhooks or generate custom REST APIs to communicate with 3rd party services.

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