Qwik is a full-stack web framework, Qwik is based on the concepts of other web frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue, but stands out with newer approaches like JavaScript streams, allowing complex web applications to be delivered to users with high performance.

Qwik provides the fastest page load times – no matter how complex your website is. What makes Qwik so fast is that it allows fully interactive sites to load with almost no JavaScript, and pick up where the server left off. When a user interacts with a website, only the necessary parts of the site are loaded on demand.

main features

Out-of-the-box user experience

  • Instant Loading via JavaScript Streaming: Stays that way even as your application grows in complexity over time.
  • Speculative code fetching: Deliver exactly the code you need, when the user needs it, ensuring instant user interactivity, even on slow-moving devices with unreliable networks.
  • Lazy execution: Qwik’s resumable technology delays the execution of code in the browser as much as possible to keep the browser’s main thread free and responsive to user interaction.
  • Optimized rendering time: Qwik is responsive, that is, by default it only updates what is absolutely needed.
  • Data Fetching: Start fetching data from the server to prevent “waterfall” delays.

developer experience

  • Similar to JSX
  • Directory-Based Routing: Create websites with directory-based routing, the industry-preferred way of declaring routes.
  • Best-in-class data access: Qwik data loaders and form actions give you easy access to server data with 100% end-to-end type safety and user input validation.
  • Middleware: Declare middleware logic in a portable way, deployable to all major hosting providers.
  • Unified Execution Model: With Qwik, writing front-end and back-end code is naturally combined in one application code base and type-safe. By default, Qwik applications execute in the server and in the browser, but it’s easy to fix functions to always be the server ( server$() ) (or always the browser).

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