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Researchers always read a lot of literature, and understanding the content of the literature has become the norm in scientific research life. When we usually copy the content of PDF and paste it into the web page for translation, there may be redundant line breaks, resulting in garbled translation, and the translation does not match the reading habits of Chinese. The translation results are poor and the newlines need to be removed manually, whileCopyTranslatorIt can help us solve this problem quickly and perfectly.

just openCopyTranslatorcopy PDF text directly,CopyTranslatorMonitor clipboard changes, process the clipboard content (such as removing redundant line breaks, etc.), and display the translation result. The translation effect is greatly improved compared to copying and pasting directly to the web version. At the same time, the time required for translation It is also greatly reduced. With the help of a powerful online translation API (currently supporting Youdao, Google, Baidu, Sogou, Caiyun, Tencent), the translation quality is guaranteed. In addition, there are a wealth of options that can be set, such as automatic copying of translation results to the clipboard, incremental copying, intelligent mutual translation, etc., which can effectively improve the efficiency of people reading and translating foreign documents.
CopyTranslatorAfter many iterations, the functions are getting richer and more user-friendly,It is recommended to read the full user guide to maximize its functionality.

core usage

Open the webpage/PDF, select the paragraph text to be translated, press Ctrl+C/right key to copy the text, CopyTranslator monitors the clipboard change, processes the clipboard content (such as removing redundant line breaks, etc.), translates it, and displays it. As long as the mouse is copied here, no need to paste,CopyTranslatorThe translation result is given immediately, which effectively improves work efficiency.


Copy is translate

Significantly simplifies the steps required for translationjust copy the text to the clipboard, you can view the translation result in the next second, let you enjoy the pleasure of what you see is what you get, and click the copy mechanism to make it easier for you to copy text.

Solve the problem of PDF copy translation line break

CopyTranslatorIt is specially optimized for line breaks and sentence endings in English and Chinese pdfs, and basically solves the problem of sentence segmentation and line breaks. The following are usedCopyTranslatorBy directly copying the translated result, it can be seen that the translation effect has been greatly improved compared to directly copying and pasting it to the web page. At the same time, with the help of the commonly used online translation API, the translation quality is guaranteed, and the connection speed is also fast, so there is no need to worry about network problems.

Translate multiple paragraphs at the same time

More efficient, while maintaining the original segmentation as much as possible.

Powerful focus mode

An extremely powerful focus mode, a simple text box, can meet 90% of the needs of daily translation!

  • The translations are displayed simultaneously in专注模式and对照模式among.
  • Smart Dictionary is only available in专注模式Middle display, color display helps you to quickly distinguish each content
  • When the cursor is in the focus mode result box,Ctrl+EnterThe content in the box can be translated,Ctrl+BRealize the content in the Baidu search box,Ctrl+GImplement the content in the Google search box.

intelligent translation

CopyTranslatorThe copied text will be automatically recognized,According to the set源语言and目标语言Perform automatic intelligent translationfor example, set源语言for English,目标语言For Simplified Chinese, if you copy English, it will be translated into Chinese, and if you copy Chinese, it will be translated into English. (do not worry,自动复制Does not interact with this mechanism. )

smart dictionary

For phrases or words, you’ll see more detailed explanations on Focus Mode.

Incremental replication

append the copied text to the original instead of replacing it,Especially useful when paragraphs are separated by pages.check增量复制option to enable it.

Free switching between dual modes to cope with different scenarios

  • 对照模式In line with the user’s previous usage habits, the original text and the translated text are displayed in comparison.
  • 专注模式Only the translation window is provided so that you can pay attention to the translation.Pay attention to check when using focus mode始终置顶and监听剪贴板should be checked if necessary自动复制.

Super playable customization

  • The style, font, background and other styles of the interface can be easily customized.
  • supportCustomize global hotkeysAnd convenient shortcut key operation
  • Internationalization, providing a variety of interface languages ​​to choose from,And support to create or download regional language files by yourself.

Other features

  • It supports a wealth of languages, and we support whatever Google Translate supports.
  • Cross-platform, currently supports Mac and Windows.
  • More automated customization options are available, such as自动复制,设置记忆,贴边隐藏,自动显示
  • With external scripts to achieve similarOneNoteThe docked desktop feature of
  • CopyTranslatorMore new features will continue to be added, so stay tuned.

Please consult the software documentation to learn more

User Guide/Documentation/Official Website

Portal: How to Use

Download and install

Portal: Installation Guide

CopyTranslatorAfter many iterations, the functions are getting richer and more user-friendly. Please be sure to read the complete user guide to maximize its functions.

Reprint Statement

This software is free and open source software, the developer is Elliott Zheng, welcome STAR, PR.Please be sure to include the project address when forwarding. Reprints without the project address/software official website constitute infringement..

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