The Qt6 toolkit introduced the concept of platform-specific objects through the QNativeInterface namespace, and now Qt 6.5 will support the Wayland native interface so that application developers can directly interact with Wayland object handles.

Qt 6.5 supports the Wayland native interface via QNativeInterface, making it easier to interact directly with Wayland objects from Qt application code. In Qt5, you can directly use QPlatformNativeInterface to interact, but the way is confusing, and Qt6 lacks this support so far.

So, for any advanced use case, Qt 6.5 has access to the Wayland objects that Qt 6.5+ uses internally. But for the 6.5 toolkit version it is currently part of the QNativeInterface private namespace, since this interface is often experimental for the next Qt release.

The code sample above shows how to access Wayland object handles directly from within Qt using Qt 6.5+.

For more information on adding support for Wayland native interfaces in Qt 6.5, check out developer David Redondo’s blog.

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