Homarr is aA customizable browser homepage for interacting with your home server’s Docker containers (eg Sonarr/Radarr).

Simplify server management with Homarr – a sleek, modern dashboard that puts all your apps and services at your fingertips. With Homarr, you can access and control everything in one convenient location. Homarr integrates seamlessly with the apps you add, giving you valuable information and giving you total control. Homarr supports several deployment methods.


  • Highly customizable through an extensive drag and drop grid system
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite self-hosted applications
  • Simple and fast application management – no YAML involved
  • Advanced confidentiality management system to enhance security
  • Detailed documentation and active community
  • Instantly search the web or supported integrations
  • Built-in status system monitors your application
  • Comprehensive built-in icon picker with over 1000 icons
  • Easy deployment with Docker, unRAID, Synology
  • Compatible with any major consumer hardware (x86, Raspberry Pi…)
  • Free and open source – your data stays on your device

Homarr has aBuilt-in collection of widgets and integrations, connect to your apps and enable you to control them directly from the dashboard. Every widget and integration has a comprehensive documentation. Homarr can be integrated with the following applications:

  • Torrent clients
  • Usenet clients
  • Media collection managers
  • Media request managers
  • Dash.
  • Docker

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