Ruff is a high-performance Python code analysis tool written based on Rust, which claims to be 10-100 times faster than existing similar tools.

core features

  • install via pip
  • supportpyproject.toml
  • Compatible with Python 3.11
  • More than 500 built-in rules, almost equivalent to Flake8’s built-in rule set
  • Reimplemented dozens of Flake8 plugins, such as flake8-bugbear, flake8-comprehensions, etc.
  • Supports autofix, which automatically corrects errors (e.g. removing unused imports)
  • Built-in caching to avoid repeated analysis of unchanged files
  • Support VS Code, Pycharm, Neovim, Sublime Text, Emacs and other editors
  • Monorepo friendly, with layered and cascaded configurations

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